How to Update Fujifilm Camera Firmware

If you just unboxed your new Fujifilm camera and can’t wait to start shooting photos, you might have to take a minute to update your camera firmware. 

Before you can start shooting on a new camera straight out of the box

Checking and updating your camera’s firmware is one of the first things you want to do before taking pictures. Updating the camera’s firmware is important to get the latest software updates and upgrades to things like the menu, system functioning, etc. 

How to Find the Official Firmware Versions Released?

Fujifilm releases the latest firmware versions for cameras on their website where you can download them. You can easily sort through the information that’s neatly organized in tables. The tables are sorted by camera system (GFX, X Series, FinePix), and describe the camera model name, the latest firmware version, when it was last updated, and a short note about the changes. By cross-referencing the latest version on the website with your Fuji camera’s current version, you can figure out if you need to update the firmware.  

How to Check the Current Firmware Version on Your Fujifilm Camera

You can follow these simple steps to quickly check what version is your camera running on: 

  1. Turn off the camera and insert a memory card 
  2. Press and hold the “DISP/BACK” button and turn on the camera at the same time
  3. The screen will display the firmware version currently installed 
  4. Turn off the camera
checking firmware version on Fujifilm X-T20 camera

If the version matches the latest version on Fuji’s website, you’re good to go and take pictures. If not, you should update the firmware before continuing.

Should I Update Firmware Using a Memory Card or App? 

There are two methods available to update the firmware on a Fujifilm camera. You can upload the latest firmware using a memory card, or by using either the official Fujifilm XApp or the FUJIFILM Camera Remote app depending on your camera model. Personally, I recommend using a memory card because my XT-30 crashed when I updated the firmware via the app on my iPhone. The camera would not power on and the screen stayed black. I had to ship the camera directly to Fujifilm for some expensive repairs. This bug was addressed and fixed in Version 1.51 of the XT-30 firmware. However, moving forward I will proceed with caution and update the firmware using a memory card. 

How to Update Firmware Using an SD Card 

If you figure out that your Fujifilm camera is behind on updates, follow these steps to get the latest firmware. Note that you will need to use a formatted memory card to download the firmware. A formatted card will erase all existing files saved on the card. 

  1. Prepare a formatted memory card. You will need to insert the memory card into your desktop or laptop’s card reader.  
  2. Download the latest firmware update from Fujifilm’s website and copy the file to the memory card.
  3. Insert the memory card with the firmware file into your camera.  
  4. Turn on the camera while pressing the “DISP/BACK” button. This will show a screen displaying the current firmware version. 
  5. Press the “OK/MENU” button. This will display a menu showing “Firmware Upgrade – Select Item – Body”. Press the “OK” button.
  6. Follow the screen instructions to update the firmware on the camera.
  7. Once the firmware update is complete, turn off the camera. 
Fujifilm Camera display screen for firmware upgrade
Selecting Fujifilm camera firmware upgrade for body

How to Update the Firmware Using the Camera Remote App 

A smartphone or tablet with the FUJIFILM Camera Remote app can also be used to update the firmware version. If you choose this method, make sure that your camera and app are paired via Bluetooth first before beginning. Follow these steps for updating the firmware using the app: 

  1. Open the app – there will be a notification when a new firmware version has been released and is available to download. If you choose not to download the update right away, you can access it later from the settings icon. 
  2. When you select “Yes” to update the latest firmware, follow the instructions to accept the terms of service and download the update.
  3. Once the download is completed, the app will prompt you to update the firmware. When you select “Update” on the app, your camera will display a confirmation screen. 
  4. Select “Ok” on your camera, and it will begin to transfer the update from your app to your camera.
  5. Once your camera has copied and updated the firmware, you’re good to go. 

Fujifilm Camera Remote menu settings for Firmware Update
Firmware Update screen on Fujifilm Camera Remote app

Precautions When Updating Fujifilm Camera Firmware 

Updating your camera firmware is an important step, but also one that requires precaution to ensure your camera keeps functioning properly. Some tips to follow when updating the firmware are : 

  • Always use a fully charged battery in your Fujifilm camera. You don’t want the camera to turn off during the firmware update, as this can cause issues from an incomplete update. 
  • Do not turn off the camera at any point during the update or try to use any other functions unless instructed. The time it takes for the update will vary depending on the size of the firmware update, but always make sure that the update is completed before shutting off your camera. 


Updating your Fujifilm camera’s firmware is essential whether you’re setting up a brand-new camera or have gotten your hands on a used model. Having the latest updates will ensure your camera system functions perform efficiently and fix any known problems. Updating the firmware using a memory card or tehofficial app on your smart device will mean you’re ready to start taking pictures.