What is the Yellow Lock and Camera Icon on My Fujifilm Display?

Pulled your Fujifilm X-T20 camera out and turned it on only to see a yellow padlock icon showing on the display? Trying to push the control buttons and not getting a response? If your controls aren’t responding and you see an icon of a yellow padlock next to a small camera, that means Control Lock has been enabled on your camera. This mode will prevent you from using the selector buttons and “Q” button when enabled. 

It’s fairly easy to turn the Control Lock on or off. All you have to do is hold the “Menu/Ok” button for a few seconds until the display confirms the mode is turned on or off. 

While Control Lock is fairly simple to activate, read our guide to learn more about enabling or disabling this mode on your Fujifilm camera and when it might come in handy. 

How to Turn Off Control Lock Icon on Fujifilm Camera

I recently brought my X-T20 with me when I went skating. With the sun setting, I took my camera out of my backpack and turned it on, only to be confused by the yellow lock icon showing on the right side of the LCD display screen.

When I tried to change the focus area and film simulation, which I had mapped to the selector buttons, they were unresponsive. Since I was shooting outside in the cold winter air, I started to panic thinking that the camera might be locking up due to the cold temperature.

However, I quickly discovered that I had accidentally turned on Control Lock. All I had to do to deactivate Control Lock and regain control of my buttons was to press the “Menu/Ok” button for a few seconds. The screen then displayed a confirmation that Control Lock was off, the yellow icon was gone, and I had full control of my buttons again. 

control lock "Off" icon on Fujifilm X-T20 display screen
Hold the “Menu/Ok” button to turn off Control Lock

What Happens When Control Lock is Turned On? 

The purpose of the Control Lock mode is to prevent accidental changes to your camera settings. When Control Lock is enabled on the X-T20, the selector buttons and “Q” quick menu button are disabled. Locking the controls can be useful depending on your circumstances, especially since the selector buttons (up, down, left, right) double as function buttons. 

When Control Lock is on, you can still use the other dials including the drive mode, shutter speed, exposure compensation, and front and rear dials. The other buttons are also still accessible, including the menu, exposure lock, focus lock and playback button. Lens settings such as aperture and focus can also be adjusted when Control Lock is on.

Reasons to Enable Control Lock 

Maybe you’re out on a fast-paced adventure shoot. Or you’re on site for a photo shoot and have 

the perfect settings for your environment. You wouldn’t want any of your settings to accidentally change or be affected by buttons being pushed while your camera was rustling around in your bag. 

It makes sense to turn on Control Lock in a situation where you need all your attention to be on the live action in front of you. 


It’s a helpful trick to know how to quickly enter or exit Control Lock on your Fuji X-T20. Simply hold the “Menu/Ok” button until the screen confirms the action. Now you can be ready to lock your camera settings when needed or quickly regain control of your buttons if you’ve found yourself in this situation.

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